Spin at B/Spoke – NEW DATE: February 7

We’ve had to move the date due to a glitch by B/Spoke, but the good news, they are offering all spinners 1 free class if you can make it next week.  Sign up today for a 1/2 price spin +1 for February 7th.  See you next week! 

The BSTA is hosting  our very first ‘group spin class’ at B/Spoke in downtown Boston!    Come join us for 45 minutes of a full body work out, and burn some calories with us.  We have reserved half of the studio for BSTA members, and we’ll split the cost of the class with you ($12/person).  If you are interested we’ll plan a meet up location for after the class to enjoy some additional hydration, location TBD.

About B/Spoke:  Their signature ride is a full-body workout comprised of intense cardio, hand weights, and core work all set to amazing playlists and packed into a 45 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel.   

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