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The BSTA is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide value for our membership and industry partners.  We are excited to release our new ANNUAL sponsorship package that we believe will provide your organization more exposure and value outside of a one event conference sponsorship. Please consider adding your firm to the list of valued sponsors below.

About Us


In 1936 a small group of enterprising traders within the Boston securities community banded together to form an organization which is known today as the Boston Securities Traders Association. Their intent was to create a single organization which would provide a forum for regular communication within the trading community to improve the ethics, business standards and working environment for members. On January 29th of that year, at the Boston Stock Exchange, a constitution and by-laws were adopted and the Association’s first officers were elected. Today, the association continues to thrive. With approximately one hundred members at inception, the BSTA membership presently totals nearly five hundred strong and grows yearly. Currently the BSTA is the largest member affiliates of the Security Traders Association (STA), an international organization representing over 5,000 traders throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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About Us



The mission of the BSTA Education Committee is to provide timely and informative programs for our members. Through individual speakers and panel discussions, we hope to provide valuable content on the issues that continuously shape our industry.


The mission of the BSTA Event Committee is to create opportunities for our members to participate in social networking, educational endeavors, membership awareness and charitable work – all primary pursuits of our organization.


The mission of the BSTA Membership Awareness Committee is to engage membership participation so that the BSTA can continue its profound impact within the trading community. The Membership Committee is also tasked with finding new members within the ever changing trading landscape.


The BSTA Washington Committee seeks to gain insight while engaging in rigorous discussion and substantive debate with our local Congressman. The Washington Committee will seek to articulate the views of the trading community to our legislators through the association's strong representation within the national STA.


The BSTA Sponsorship Committee seeks to develop strong partnerships with the firms within our Boston trading community. The BSTA is able to provide many assets to our membership through the generosity of our sponsors. This committee ensures that our partners are getting the most of for their sponsorship dollars.

Board Members



Patrick Fagan, Piper Jaffrey - President


James McGrail, LeveL ATS - Past President


Erin Sheehan, LeveL ATS - Chair of Membership


Ellen Wile, Lime Brokerage - Treasurer


Matt Enos, Linedata - Recording Secretary


Ed Doyle, Pioneer Amundi - Governor


Jamie Mckenna, GMO - Governor


Tony Camlin, Luminex - Governor


Ryan Baker, Instinet - Governor


Dave Hagen, Luminex - Governor & STA National Liaison


Margaret Burke - Director of Marketing

Giving Back


February 20th - Giving Back by preparing and serving a meal at Rosie's Place 
Our association has a long and rich history in supporting those less fortunate in the Boston area. The BSTA takes an active role in supporting multiple charitable orgainizations and seeks out opportunities to give back to the community. In past years we have been financially and physically involved in events supporting Habitat for Humanity, the Shattuck Shelter, New England Center and Home for Veterans, Rosie's Place, Warriors of Wall Street and Haymakers for Hope.

About Us

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The Boston Securities Traders Association has been representing the local trading community since 1936. At the BSTA, we pride ourselves on being the largest membership in the country which allows us to be well represented in both the National STA and in Washington, DC. Maintaining a strong presence requires the Boston trading community to be actively involved with the association. For that reason, we are eagerly seeking new members and want to highlight just a few of the benefits of BSTA membership in addition to our charitable work:

  • Education: The BSTA holds various events throughout the year that are free to all members. Over the past few years the BSTA has hosted events such as Technical Analysis 101, New Rules and Regulations effecting our Industry, HFT & ETF Panels, Option workshops, and more.
  • Networking: The BSTA hosts several social events each year. All of the events are well attended, provide excellent networking opportunities, and many have become annual traditions that are not to be missed.
We firmly believe that our association enables its members to grow both personally and professionally through a variety of offered activities.

About Us

Membership levels

Please consider the following membership levels when applying to join the BSTA.

Regular Member

$100 annual fee

  • Actively connected with a securities trading department for no less than one year
  • Located in the Boston investment community
  • Employed by a broker, dealer, financial institution, vendor or other trading related business
  • Voting privileges
  • STA national membership
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Associate Member

$75 annual fee

  • Employed by a broker, dealer, financial institute, data vendor, exchange or other trading related business or service
  • Connected to but not primarily involved in the trading of securities
  • Located in the Boston investment community
  • Assist in the trading of securities or the settlement process
  • Employed in field for not less than 6 months
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Honorary Member

No Annual Fee

  • Formerly employed by a broker, dealer, financial institute, data vendor, exchange or other trading related business or service
  • No longer actively employed in the security trading or security trading service industry
  • Former member of the BSTA for a minimum 25 years
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